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Berlin/12.12.2003          German Version
Agentscape presents eGoverment System
at the COM-P.A. in Italy
Agentscape presents its eGoverment System CASSY, a part of the EU-Eutist Ami cluster projects, at the COM-P.A. 2002 fair in Italy. COM-P.A. is one of the most important European fairs in the field of Internet solutions and services for public authorities and citizens.

The fair takes place in Bologna, Italy between September 18 - 20, 2002.

The last edition of COM-P.A. has accounted for 22.500 visitors, 263 exhibitors, 13 workshops, 378 speakers and 264 journalists, all over an exhibition surface of 20.000 square meters. The most important topics of this year's fair are: Information- and communication services for citizens, environment, multimedia content, e-learning, electronics, ICT, security, and other emerging technologies. This important event offers an ideal opportunity to meet representatives of public authorities as well as companies and experts in the field of public communication.
CASSY is a real eCare product that satisfies a customer and saves him time in solving his / her particular problem. Interacting with CASSY is both full enjoyment and efficient. This induces the user to stay longer on the site and to explore its features (stickiness) as well as to return more often.

CASSY is a WEB-Self-Service tool that offers to the public authorities the solution to provide all services to citizens and companies, anytime, any-where, in an intuitive and effective manner.

To the public authority CASSY means saving resources, enhancing productivity, cutting costs, an improved knowledge about the customers and therefore a better service proposition. CASSY is self-learning and dynamically adapts itself to the changing customer demands and behaviour. Via its social-intelligent and intuitive interfaces CASSY allows you to offer a better service to your customers. Even more, CASSY turns out to be a true representative of your agency, that delivers qualified consulting services around the clock.

CASSY allows conducting a personalised conversation with the user. Rather than requiring complicated specific terminology and knowledge about the non-transparent internal structures of the public authorities, the citizen or company can raise his issues in a simple natural language around his current life - circumstances.

The different compartments and the associated services offered by CASSY are life-cycle oriented, e.g. marriage, children, relocation, job (covering topics like employment, education, taxes etc.), formation of a company (covering topics like incorporation, funding, patents etc.), market entry (covering topics like admission), and internationalisation (covering topics like legal position, location factors, taxes etc.).

For more information about the project CASSY and the product please consult our product flyer. It can also be downloaded in pdf from our website.
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