Agent technology in the Area of e-Government

By Agentscape AG February 20, 2003

Agent technology in the Area of e-Government

Agentscape, the center of competence for agent technology in Berlin, presents avanced product for e-Government at CeBIT 2003 in Hannover.

The Agentscape AG and the net-Com AG from Osnabrück in collaboration with the city of Melle have developed a service for individual consulting over the Internet in the context of a project funded by the European Union. Thus the Internet user is not left alone when searching for a specific information on a website. This is now done by CASSY. The prototype was presented at the computer exhibition CeBit 2002 in Hannover and the e-government exhibition COM-P.A. 2002 in Bologna and attracted a lot of interest from the professional audience. On November 26th, 2002, on the occasion of the Berlin exhibition and congress “Moderner Staat 2002” at the booth of net-Com AG, the extension of the virtual city hall Melle has been put online by the chief officer Gottfried Müller, the head of the IT / Internet Services Uwe Strakeljahn and the project leader Dr. Stefan Covaci.

At CeBIT 2003 CASSY is demonstrated within the comprehensive interactive e-Government service of the City of Melle, the virtual administration.

Agentscape AG offers CASSY as standard Web-based Self-Service tool for public authorities to enable them the delivery of their services to citizens (G2C) and to external organizations (G2B) anytime, anywhere, in an intuitive, humanised and effective manner. Based on the latest open technology standards, CASSY can be easily integrated with legacy systems and secures your investment when new systems or applications are added. For example CASSY can be seamlessly integrated with existing Content or Document Management System or with existing Customer Relations Management solutions.