Service catalogue

You would like to realize your professional visions with our agents? We support all phases of your project.

1. Pre-conception

  • Evaluation of the goals
  • Analysis of the business situation
  • Analysis of existing content and interfaces
  • Analysis of existing systems and processes
  • Analysis of the advised users

2. Conception

  • Development of strategy models
  • Creation of coarse and detailed concept
  • Conception of the virtual character
  • definition of dialog domains and volumes (taxonomy)
  • Specification & Production Manual
  • Project planning based on comprehensible milestones

3. Production

  • Implementation of the project in iterative production cycles
  • Design of the figure and its expressive possibilities
  • Creation of the taxonomy, knowledge base and dialogues
  • Programming (Java / C / C ++), Flash programming
  • Integration of front, mid-tier and back-end into the existing architecture
  • Creation of style sheets and interaction templates
  • Continuous quality control on test environmentsS.

4. Post-production

  • Traffic and dialogue analyzes
  • Character Maintenance
  • Rebrush, Updates & Upgrades

5. Administration

  • Hosting & Housing
  • 24/7-Support

In case you haven’t found the right service please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.